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Alphabetical Shuffle: Dance Card Denied

The Beatles confess, “I’m happy just to dance with you.” And Animal Collective immediately reply, “I’m not.” What’s interesting about this, to me, is that the Beatles became less danceable over the course of their career, while Animal Collective have … Continue reading

Alphabetical Shuffle: How?

The stretch of songs beginning with “How” are an aching, beautiful set, and has me wondering another very human question: Why is “How” so difficult sometimes? It can be even more difficult than “Why”. How (The Cranberries) How Can I … Continue reading

Alphabetical Shuffle: Car, car chase terror

I’ve been listening to all of my songs in alphabetical order by title for a few weeks now (only while at work). Occasionally, a true bit of poetry emerges from what is ultimately a sort of shuffle, and while I … Continue reading