My name is Jordyn Bonds and I live in Boston, MA. I’m currently VP of Product at Brio.

I’ve also recently been a startup co-founder and a UX Director. I began my career as a Front-End Web Developer.

For the past several years, I’ve been a volunteer instructor for Girls Who Code and a mentor for Rewriting the Code. I also occasionally mentor at Rookieup and Interaction Design Foundation’s Get A UX Job Bootcamp.

Recent Work

COVID-19 Situational Risk Calculator

A tool to help you decide whether to attend an in-person gathering that includes people you don’t live with.

Remote Education Log

An app that helps parents keep track of their children’s special education activities while learning from home.


My startup! We are building a privacy-first anything-tracker for consumers that is also an anything-tracker-maker for businesses.

Renaissance Alliance

UX strategy and design for a mobile app and web-based agency tools.

In my spare time I make collages and music.

Recent Projects

Bait/Switch Collage

Bait/Switch is a chain of related artworks by an ever-expanding array of artists working in every conceivable medium. My collage was in response to a poem!

Don’t Ever Lie To Anyone

Electronic pop music made in collaboration with Joel Roston and Noell Dorsey.

Where else to find me online: