Alphabetical Shuffle: Car, car chase terror

I’ve been listening to all of my songs in alphabetical order by title for a few weeks now (only while at work). Occasionally, a true bit of poetry emerges from what is ultimately a sort of shuffle, and while I mostly comment on this via Twitter, I’m going to start documenting such moments here when they require lengthier explanation. Here’s one now…

“Car” by Built To Spill followed by “car chase terror!” by M83

“Car” is one of my favorite Built To Spill songs and it has a wonderful line in it: “I want to see movies of my dreams.” “car chase terror!” seems like the audio portion of a movie about someone’s dream and thus seems like a fitting response to that line. It adds a little careful-what-you-wish-for element as well, since this particular dream seems more like a nightmare.

Alphabetical Shuffle: Car, car chase terror

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