Dear Afterlife Overlords

For as long as I can remember, I have harbored this fantasy that when I die, there will be some benevolent being or beings who will answer all of my questions about the mysteries of life and the universe. I never remember caring much for other purported aspects of “Heaven”, like good food or clouds or temperate weather etc. I want(ed) answers!

As my good friend Fred* pointed out, it would be like the bonus features at the end of the DVD of your life.

So, though I am now nearly certain that I will never get this wish for answers fulfilled, I would like to begin recording the questions I would ask here. Feel free to add yours in a comment.

+ What the hell was going on before the Big Bang?

+ Is ESP bullshit?

+ How many native people lived in the Americas before white people and their diseases killed most of them?

+ What’s the deal with the Voynich Manuscript?

*Not his real name.

Dear Afterlife Overlords

3 thoughts on “Dear Afterlife Overlords

  1. mike says:

    In Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” (brilliant), there’s a researcher character who ponders this very scenario (“Do we get all the answers to our questions when we die?”) and hopes that that isn’t true. Because what’s the point of struggling for knowledge while you’re alive if you get all the answers when you die?

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