The new Sun Boxes website is live!

This project is near and dear to my heart.  Sun Boxes is something I want as many people as possible to experience and it’s really satisfying to get to be part of making that happen.

The most exciting part of the site is the part I didn’t build!  The incomparable Sean Carstensen put together a Flash-based app which allows web users to hear the cycle of sounds that comprise Sun Boxes while seeing a slideshow of the boxes in action.  We hope to expand this experience to mobile devices, and to add functionality that encourages users to “stage” Sun Boxes on their own with as many devices as they have at hand.

Also coming soon: the Sun Boxes store! T-shirts, recordings, and things so exciting I’m not allowed to tell you about them!

I built the site on the WordPress platform, with jQuery as the primary JS platform.  For the newsletter sign-up, I used Quad’s excellent script for using AJAX on the DreamHost list signup form.  I did mod it slightly, as I am using more than the customary name and email fields on the site.  In order to avoid the tedium of spelling out each extra variable, I modded Quad’s submitToList() function to just grab every non-submit form input and serialized it all using jQuery’s serializeArray() function.  Damn if that wasn’t just easy as pie!

Check it out:

The new Sun Boxes website is live!

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