Today’s UX Rant: Previous, Next, & Swipe

One thing that really bugs me about the text messaging interface on my HTC Thunderbolt is that once I’m viewing a conversation, there is no way for me to navigate to the previous or next conversation. I have to go back to the main list screen and navigate from there. Other examples of this “strategy” include the messaging interfaces on both LinkedIn and Facebook.

I see no excuse for it, really, especially in the case of mobile, where there is such a powerful interaction event to be leveraged for previous/next functionality: swiping. Swiping feels *amazing* compared to clicking. Some app creators seem to really get this (for instance, the Economist, which makes reading their magazine on a phone remarkably similar to reading a physical copy).

Here’s hoping everyone else gets on that bandwagon soon.

Today’s UX Rant: Previous, Next, & Swipe

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