9/11 Memorial Guide

Over the spring and summer, I had the opportunity to work with Local Projects on the companion website to the 9/11 Memorial in New York City.  The memorial doesn’t open until 9/11/11, but you can already start exploring  the names on the memorial wall now at the website:


For this project, I created the interface and client-side interactions for the CMS used to maintain the memorial names database.  This involved everything from concepting intuitive layouts and interactions within an existing design framework, to handing the data off to the server via JSON.

I also pitched in on the rest of the guide’s front-end development, in particular scripting the interactions for scrolling through the names on the wall.

It’s rare that a project gives me the chance to do new things (build a CMS from scratch) while contributing to a meaningful cause (remembering 9/11).  It was great to have such an opportunity in this site.


9/11 Memorial Guide