The @font-face future is STILL not yet now

Ever month or two, I revisit the state of @font-face on the web to make sure I don’t need to update or overhaul last summer’s screed about web fonts. Believe me, I am anxiously awaiting the day when everything I said in that post is no longer true or — better yet — irrelevant.

Today is still not that day, despite my having found — how did I miss it? — A List Apart’s article on the topic that predates my own. The last few paragraphs really underscore why we are still only at the “crossing” with fonts:

…I’m uncomfortable with the idea of having an outside entity in control of something as basic and fundamental to the design of my site as a typeface. Further, every independent web designer I’ve spoken to about it has said they simply would not, under any circumstances, saddle a client with an ongoing expense for fonts.

And, regarding actual implementation:

All together now, let’s get really confused…

The waiting continues.

The @font-face future is STILL not yet now