Dear Afterlife Overlords

For as long as I can remember, I have harbored this fantasy that when I die, there will be some benevolent being or beings who will answer all of my questions about the mysteries of life and the universe. I never remember caring much for other purported aspects of “Heaven”, like good food or clouds or temperate weather etc. I want(ed) answers!

As my good friend Fred* pointed out, it would be like the bonus features at the end of the DVD of your life.

So, though I am now nearly certain that I will never get this wish for answers fulfilled, I would like to begin recording the questions I would ask here. Feel free to add yours in a comment.

+ What the hell was going on before the Big Bang?

+ Is ESP bullshit?

+ How many native people lived in the Americas before white people and their diseases killed most of them?

+ What’s the deal with the Voynich Manuscript?

*Not his real name.

Dear Afterlife Overlords