Cultural Entropy, Vol. 1: Hyphy

Finding out about minute cultural enclaves always makes me reflect on the vastness and complexity of humanity’s modern situation. It seems like things are trending ever more toward the multi and myriad — a la our friend entropy.

For an immediate — er, possibly slightly past prime — example, I turn to Hyphy. Let’s list some attributes, courtesy of Wikipedia:

– gritty hip-hop
– playful, proliferant slang
– cars, specifically ghost riding the whip

Luckily enough for me, this example does not tempt toward pessimistic cultural bemoanment. Rather, it almost gets me excited about the sorts of cultural mishmashery we can expect from globalization and its comrades (I’m looking at you, Internet!).

What next? Southeast Asian women obsessed with flapper fashion, nuclear power, and shchi?

Cultural Entropy, Vol. 1: Hyphy