UX Rant: Current Postage Rates (with bonus solutions!)

???????????I dare you to find out how many clicks it takes to get to the current first-class letter and postcard rates on the USPS website. Take your time. I’ll wait. Unbelievable isn’t it? I stopped counting at five.

Because I really enjoy sending and receiving physical objects through the mail, the question of current postal rates probably motivates more than half of my visits to that website. Every time it does, I am stunned by how difficult it is to find this simple bit of information.

Well, this most recent visit was the last straw.  I have created two sites which exist solely to answer these questions. Behold:


Update 1/11/2016: It was a pain in the ass to keep maintaining this, plus Google started doing this “instant answers” thing where it answers certain questions you type in rather than just give you a bunch of links. Thus, I’ve decided to put those domain names to good use and just redirect them to Google’s answers. Enjoy!

UX Rant: Current Postage Rates (with bonus solutions!)